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Behind the scenes – Creating India’s first
Tier IV constructed facility

By Sunil Gupta
Sep 28, 2021
1 min read

“The bigger the ‘Why’, the easier the ‘How’.” – Jim Rohn

This famous quote is a true reflection of Yotta’s journey. I firmly believe that if one has a bigger goal in sight, the path to achieving it becomes easier. And this is possible only when you have sheer determination and support of a passionate team.

In May 2020 Yotta NM1 datacenter received the Tier IV Certification of Design Documents (TCDD) from Uptime Institute. What this meant was that Yotta NM1’s design met the Tier IV Fault Tolerant criteria.

That put Yotta on the global map.

But we still had task to take Yotta NM1 datacenter live and prove that the constructed facility was indeed as per the approved Tier IV design – a step that most datacenter operators skip, because of many reasons.

We put our heads down, and went live with Yotta NM1 datacenter in July 2020.

Since then, our journey towards getting the validation from Uptime Institute on the constructed facility (TCCF) began. It was a long process that required hard-work, determination and patience.

But without divulging much here, let me take you behind the scenes of this exciting journey in some short chapters.

First Chapter

Sunil Gupta
Co-founder & CEO, Yotta

Known as the "Data Center Man of India", Sunil has unmatched experience in the Data Center, Cloud and Managed IT Services industry. He built and operated the highest number of (>19) 3rd party Data Centers in India including some of the largest hyperscale DCs meeting the stringent quality demands of global OTT players.

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