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How can an MSP Manage your SAP Better?

By Sashishekhar Panda
Sep 08, 2020
4 min read

SAP adoption is on the rise. Data has become the key to businesses, and SAP is right in the middle of it all. But like most things in life, this too comes with its own set of challenges. Issues like managing all the tools in the SAP ecosystem, constantly upgrading the database, application, platform and more and then, of course, there is cost! So, what can one do to get an unencumbered, seamless, and low-cost SAP environment?

Get an SAP managed service provider (MSP), of course!

What is an Managed Service Provider for SAP?

An MSP is a company that supports services for SAP on an outsourced basis. This usually means delivering SAP infrastructure services on-cloud, data storage, backup and disaster recovery and the whole gamut of other IT related services for SAP. In any case, the point of an MSP is to take care of your SAP environment so that you are free to focus on your business.

Given the depth and width of the SAP solution set, there are many offerings that an SAP MSP provides. Some focus on technical or functional work or a combination of the two. While others offer software and UI development for SAP.

The biggest impact of an MSP

What is that one thing that an SAP MSP does that makes him a must-have for your company? It helps you save costs. It does, it really does. If you do not have a MSP on-board, you will end up managing various service providers that will take care of your support contract and you end up managing all the critical SAP tools on your own. This will require an entire team of professionals on your IT payroll.

Also, not only do all these service providers have their separate contracts to manage, the costs associated with the tools are hefty. We will not even go into the cost involved in the ongoing maintenance that is required.

Ensuring that all the products your team has in place are continuously up to date, licensing for example and best in breed to support your SAP environment like back up products, security products, monitoring tools, etc. is a major cost intensive and inducing task. The value of working with an MSP is access to all these industry-leading tools without the cost and headache of ongoing maintenance.

What to look for in an MSP for your SAP?

SAP Basis Support: While there are many aspects that one needs to look into an SAP MSP, one of the most important is to make sure that your MSP offers SAP Basis as a managed service. As the name suggests, SAP Basis is the foundational level of SAP support that ensures SAP landscapes run smooth and you get business continuity. SAP Basis is supercritical for an MSP to know and offer.

Pay-as-you-go Billing: Another thing to look for is a pay-as-you-use approach. Does the MSP offer SAP services on a pay-as-you-go model? With SAP cloud managed services, things like multiple commercial relationships for responsibilities like SAP maintenance, support and hosting are taken out your hand and handled by the MSP. At the same time, you get the added advantage of value-added services by the MSP.

AMS Support: The last but not the least is the AMS support than an MSP provides. AMS for SAP is a flexible structure that enable businesses to support their IT and business objectives. Look out for SAP MSPs that provide on-site, off-site and hybrid on-demand AMS support.

Yotta Advantage

At Yotta, we are not just an MSP but also your SAP consultation partners. We help optimize your SAP solution and build upon your existing SAP investment. We ensure that your SAP infrastructure is scalable with 99.999% up-time guarantee.

With our stringent SLA’s and support, rest assured that your business continuity would never be impacted. We also take complete accountability of all cloud service operations BASIS, OS, Backup, a local Helpdesk, and more as well as a comprehensive SAP AMS support.

Our SAP experts and support staff ensure that your critical applications are always performing optimally, the technical updates are on-time, and the 24X7x365 support is always on.

So now that you know why you need an MSP and more so Yotta as your MSP, also know that we can be your most agile partners. With our pay-as-you-go model, Tier IV infrastructure for SAP hosting and SAP supported compute, Yotta is the single window for all things related to SAP.

To know more about Yotta’s Single-window SAP services, Click Here

Contact our experts for a free consultation on your requirement services related to SAP

Sashishekhar Panda
Head - Product Management

Sashi heads product development at Yotta and has over 16 years of rich domain expertise in product marketing and product life cycle management of Data Centers, Hosting & Cloud Services. A data driven professional, Sashi is passionate about e-business and research and has been previously associated with organisation such as Reliance, Nxtra, Tata, Trimax, Hansa Research,TNS-NFO India and ORG-MARG India.

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