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Rack space: Dedicated Racks of various sizes like 42U/45U/48U/52U are available along with Unit (1U, 2U and more) based space are also available.

Server rack cage: Adhere to your security compliance with our server rack cage that is completely customised and configured as per your requirement.

Dedicated server hall/suite: Our data center also has exclusive suites or rooms to house your servers and IT equipment. With this, you get a complete secured environment, which you can even fill up the servers progressively or at one go.

Dedicated server floor space: With a dedicated floor space, get full customisation and control on security, cabling, and power. Additionally, you also have the advantage to scale up or down as per on-demand.


With our captive power distribution and infrastructure, Yotta offers lowest power charges for your colocation needs. Power is supplied via redundant AC/DC mode in single or three phase. For additional savings, it is available on demand and consumption based as per your IT load requirements with necessary power circuits. In case of emergencies, the site can function uninterrupted at full load for 48 hours, thanks to Li-ion backed UPSes and diesel generators onsite.

In the near future, the data center park will also receive green power that is provisioned via captive solar plant and a co-gen based (CHP) gas power plant at the campus. Thus, benefitting customers and environment.


Standard and custom-designed colocation racks supported with energy-efficient power are available. From a single rack to an entire building, equipment with varying footprints are supported. Power is bundled with rack space as per your requirement.




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